Josiah Henshaw

Josiah Henshaw was the son of Thomas Henshaw. Thomas was born in England, came to America about1650, and married Hannah Cleaveland. Josiah 1st was born in 1695 and died in 1752. He married 1.) Mary Sweetser, daughter of Seth and Mary Lynde. and 2.) Dorothy _____.

Josiah 2nd, child of Josiah and Dorothy ____, was born May 17, 1753 and died in September of 1829. He married in 1784, Sarah (Sally) Phipps, daughter of Lt. John Phipps and Rachel Lincoln. Sarah was born in 1757, she died December 26, 1840. This family is buried at Pine Grove Cemetery (Sec 1S. Lot 34) in West Brookfield, MA. Lt. John Phipps, father of Sally, is also buried at Pine Grove Cemetery (Sec 1N . Lot 7).


French and Indian War – This was a year of disasters to the English and American forces and was remembered by our fathers as the year of “The Great Alarm – the taking of Fort William Henry. The alarm of the peril of our troops reached Brookfield before the surrender; and our companies began the march for relief on August 9th. The Muster Roll of Captain Jabez Uphams Company that marched out on the 9th contained the name of William Henshaw.

On Nov. 14, 1774, a group of men formed themselves into a Company of “Minute or Piequit Men” as had been recommended by the Provincial Congress. Josiah Hincher (Henshaw) was on that list. The Town (Brookfield) took official recognition of this company of local volunteers at its special meeting of Jan. 9, 1775.


A Roll of Minute Men in Colonel Jonathan Warners Regiment, commanded by Jonathan Barns that marched from Brookfield on the 19th of April 1775, contained the name of Josiah Hincher.

The list of Brookfield men, in the Eight Months Service, was gathered from the Rolls in the State Archives. William Hincher and Josiah Hincher were listed

In Col. Learneds Regiment, Capt. Peter Harwoods Company. This regiment went into camp at Roxbury May 19, and commissions were issued to the Field and Company officers.


The raising of so many Three Years men temporarily relieved the pressure of calls.

This year is memorable for the Bennington Alarm, following the surrender of Ticonderoga to Gen. Burgoyne, July 5; and for the battles of Stillwater, and Saratoga, and the surrender of Burgoyne, Oct. 17. On the list of Brookfield men,

Capt. Ebenezer Newells Company, who enlisted into the Continental service that year was the name of Josiah Hincher.

Capt. Daniel Gilbert commanded a Company from Brookfield and Western (Warren) in service at Bennington and Half Moon, July 13 to Sept 2, 1777. Listed under the Brookfield men for this group was Sergt William Hincher.