Revolutionary War

The Battles of Lexington and Concord, first skirmishes of the war….Ethan Allen’s Green Mountain Boys recapture Ticonderoga…..Seth Warner takes Crown Point …..Second Continental Congress meets at Philadelphia…..George Washington made Commander-In-Chief of the Continental Army…..Boston militia stands up to British regulars at Bunker Hill…..Colonists begin Siege of Boston.

The American Revolution began on April 19, 1775, in Lexington and Concord.

Weather conditions: winds, calm; temperature 55-65.

The leaders of the Americans are Capt. John Parker & Col. Barrett; the leaders of the British, Col. Smith & Major Pitcairn.

Casualties: American – 95, British – 275.

With the arrival of the British Column at a green pasture in Lexington, a single shot rang out from behind a stone wall. It is still unknown as to which musket or which side fired the shot that was to become known as:

“The shot that was heard ’round the world”.

Revolutionary War Soldiers buried in West Brookfield Cemeteries

  • Allen, John
  • Allen, Nathan Lt.
  • Banister, Andrew
  • Barnes, Moses, Jr.
  • Barrett, Benjamin Capt.
  • Blair, Reubin
  • Gilbert, Joel
  • Gilbert, Jonas
  • Gilbert, Lemuel
  • Hitchcock, David Capt.
  • Hunt, Zachariah Capt.
  • McClenathan, John
  • Newell, Joseph Lt.
  • Smith, Israel
  • Stone, Silas
  • Tyler, Moses

Our Soldiers

With great pride…the soldiers of West Brookfield

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