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Justus Collins Wellington b. 13 Jan 1838, d. 17 Sep 1862

Justus C. Wellington Photo courtesy of John Banks

Justus Collins Wellington was born on 13 Jan 1838 at North Brookfield, Worcester County, Massachusetts, son of Appollos Wellington and Charlotte Marie Bigelow, grandson of Eli and Margery Wellington, also of John and Betsey (Maynard) Bigelow.

Justus was enumerated in the household of Appollos Wellington and Charlotte M. Bigelow in the 1860 US Federal Census on 3 Jul 1860 at West Brookfield, MA. Enumerated: Apollos Wellington, 48, shoemaker, b. MA; Charlotte M., 44; Oliver Woodbridge, 30, shoemaker, b. ME; Nancy Woodbridge, 30; Justus C. Wellington, 22, shoemaker; John G. Wellington, 20, shoemaker; Marsha E. Wellington, 17; Julia Wellington, 15; Theo T. Woodbridge, 2; child (female, not named) 3/12.

In 1861, at the time of his enlistment in the 15th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, Justus gave his occupation as shoemaker. On 12 Jul 1861, he mustered into service with the 15th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, being credited to the quota of West Brookfield, MA. He was 23 years old.

On 21 Oct 1861, at the Battle of Ball’s Bluff, Leesburg, Virginia, Justus was among those who swam the river. According to a general affidavit from his sister, Nancy, in his pension file: “….he had some money ready to send before the battle but lost everything as he swam the Potomac to save his life”. Justus was sending his army earnings home to help support the family according to the information in his pension file.

Justus died on 17 Sep 1862 killed in action at the Battle of Antietam, Sharpsburg, Maryland. He was 24 years, 8months and 4 days old.

Justus’s parents and his brother John are buried at Pine Grove Cemetery in West Brookfield. The gravestones are worn from the elements and therefore many are indecipherable. Justus is not buried there, making it more likely than ever that he is in an unmarked grave, probably at the Antietam National Cemetery in Sharpsburg, Md. Many members of the 15th, are buried in unmarked graves there.

In Nov 1862 Appollos Wellington applied for a pension to surviving family member, based on Justus’s service; and again in May 1869. These applications appear to have been denied.

John Gardner Wellington, his brother, survived Justus and died of consumption on 11 Jul 1866 at age 24. After this son died, the next day the mother became ill and was “bed-ridden 10 years and sick until her death in 1876,” according to an affidavit in the pension file.

Charlotte Maria Bigelow, his mother, survived Justus Collins Wellington and died on 17 Aug 1876 at West Brookfield, Worcester County, Massachusetts, at age 60.

On 17 Aug 1886 Appollos Wellington received a pension to surviving family member, Massachusetts based on Justus’s service; his father, who received certificate no. 233216.

Apollos Wellington apparently was not well during and after the war. The following quotation is from the Physician’s Affidavit in the pension file from his physician, George Forbes: “In 1862, I remember Appollos Wellington as a weak, nervous man with constant pain in the side and back and trouble with his kidneys. From above causes, he was unable at that time to perform manual labor and was supported by his son, Justus C., prior to and during the war. I have seen and known, personally and professionally, Appollos Wellington, and have prescribed for the above troubles several times each year since 1862 and know he has been unable each year since 1862 to perform manual labor sufficiently to maintain himself and has been obliged to subsist upon charity. And now, July 1887, he is a poor, broken down old man wholly unable to support himself.” Several affidavits state Appollos never made more than $200 a year.

Appollos Wellington, his father, survived Justus Collins Wellington and died in Jul 1893 at Monson, Hampden County, Massachusetts, having lived there since 1880 at age 81.

John Banks, a non-related researcher, provided research from Justus Wellington’s pension file.

Thank you, John.

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