War of 1812

The British and U.S. conflict arose chiefly out of U.S. grievances over oppressive maritime practices during the Napoleonic Wars. U.S. sensibilities were offended by the British practice of stopping U.S. ships on the high seas and impressing seamen alleged to be deserters from the Royal Navy. The new nation reacted with the Embargo Act of 1807. Another measure (1810) removed trade restrictions. Great Britain failed to revoke its blockade in time to prevent a declaration of war signed by President James Madison on June 18, 1812.

West Brookfield Soldiers in the War of 1812:

Soldiers buried in Pine Grove Cemetery

Chamberlain, Eli, Lt.

Son of Daniel and Lydia Harrington of Westboro

Born Oct. 4, 1789

Married: Achsah Forbes of Westboro on 11/30/1815

Died Mar 11, 1858, Aged 68 yrs. 5 mos

Buried: Sec 1N – Lot 7

Rogers, Penuel Bowen, Capt.

Captain Penuel Bowen Rogers

Born: 1769
Died: 9/22/1826
Married: Elizabeth Bowen
Buried: Sec 1S – Lot 4-1/2

Lynde, Nathaniel, Lt.

Lt. Nathaniel Lynde

Born: 5/19/1784 in Saybrook, Ct
Died: 1865
Moved to West Brookfield in 1805
Married: Sally (Sarah) Hitchcock, daughter of Caleb Hitchcock, on 7/26/1807
Buried: Sec 2N – Lot 143

In 1812, the Brookfield Light Infantry Company, of which Lewis Abbott was Captain and Nathaniel Lynde was Lieutenant, was ordered out by Lt. Col. Salem Towne. The company promptly responded and marched to the defense of Boston. They were in camp at the “Rope Walk”, South Boston. (Sept. 8 to Oct. 30, 1814)