Meet the Planters – Mark Warner

Meet Mark Warner

Fourth child of John Warner

The fourth child of John Warner, Sr., and Priscilla was Mark, who was born at Ipswich about 1646. His name first appears in the records in the account of his father with Mr. Pynchon on January 4, 1666/7, when he is charged with the purchase of 1-1/2 bushels of wheat at 5 shillings 9 pence. As of this date, he is still single and apparently living under his father’s roof. An account under his own name is found under date November 11, 1670 and contains but two items. It does not contain an entry for purchase of land, indicating he never established a homestead at Quaboag. Soon after this, mark removed to Hadley in 1670, when he married Abigail Montague, aged 18 years, on December 8, 1671, by whom he had two children. Abigail born August 18, 1675, and Mark born on February 20, 1677/8.

He is next found at Hadley as one of the signatories of a petition to the General Court for an enlargement of the Plantation in October, 1672. On March 29, 1681, he is recorded as the plaintiff against Samuel Partridge of Hadley in an action at court. In January, 1681/2 he is assessed 5 shillings 1 pence for the construction of a bridge at Hadley, and on September 25, 1683 was admitted to the freedom of the colony. He removed to Northampton in 1387.

On February 6, 1705, Abigail Warner died at Northampton. A few years later, on February 3, 1713, Mark married widow Mary Orton Root, he aged 59, and she 55. She died at Westfield on October 23, 1732, and he died at Northampton on May 3, 1738. aged 92.