Meet Samuel Ayres

The Quaboag Planters

Some of the children of Samuel Ayres were prominent in the affairs of the second settlement at Brookfield.

Meet Samuel Ayres

The second son of Sgt. John Ayres was Samuel, who was born at Ipswich about 1650, probably spent his boyhood there until the removal of the family to Quaboag. In 1667, being only about 17 years of age, he was not allowed to purchase a lot at Quaboag, but on November 28, 1672, his father Goodman John, paid for the purchase of a 30 acre lot for him. It is questionable that he ever built a homestead at Quaboag since he was still single in August 1675 at the burning of the Plantation. He then returned to Ipswich with his mother and the surviving members of the family. He married there on April 16, 1677, Abigail Fellows, who bore him 10 children.

He is listed as a resident and commoner at Ipswich on February 13, 1678-9, and as a tithing man in 1679. He lived in Newbury for two years, 1689-90, removed to Rowley, where he resided until 1696-7, when he returned to Ipswich. On February 10, 1692-3, he gave to his son Joseph, a quarter acre lot in Ipswich. He is again listed as a commoner at Ipswich in 1697, but in that same year, in his will dated February 3, 1696-7, he bequeathed to his son Samuel, the family homestead, six acres of pasture land at “Heartbreak Hill,” and a three acre lot at Plum Island. In the will, he mentioned that he had formerly given his son Joseph the land on which the latter built his house. Samuel died at Ipswich on February 7, 1696-7.

Children of Samuel and Abigail Ayres

1) Samuel, born at Ipswich on January 30, 1677-8, was the principal heir to his father’s estate, including the rights at Brookfield, but was never a resident at Brookfield.

2) Mary, the only recorded daughter, born also on January 30, 1677-8 at Ipswich, twin sister of Samuel; she married and had a daughter named Susannah Waite, and lived at Ipswich all her life.

3) John, born at Ipswich on March 16, 1678-9, and was of Rowley, Newbury, and of Brookfield about 1714. He married first, Elizabeth Boynton of Rowley, the intentions were filed on Nov 28, 1712, and secondly, Mercy Wood, also of Rowley, intentions were filed September 9, 1718. He had a daughter named Hannah, whose date of birth is not found. He died at Brookfield on Dec 18, 1739.

4) William was born at Ipswich on January 26, 1681-2.

5) Ephraim was born at Ipswich on Feb 13, 1686-7; both of the latter lived at Ipswich all their lives and had no grants at Brookfield.

6) Stephen was born at Newbury on Mar 13, 1689, and baptized at Rowley on Mar 17, 1689. He lived at Newbury and Gloucester and had no land grants at Brookfield.

7) Jabez was born at Newbury on Dec 27, 1690. He was of Newbury, came to Brookfield about 1714, and was granted a total of 225 acres over the next few years. He married Rebecca Kimball at Newbury on Dec 8, 1718, and had six children all born in Brookfield.

8) Joseph was baptized at Rowley on Aug 8, 1695 and was of Ipswich. He had no grants at Brookfield.

9) Ebenezer, whose record of birth is not found, was of Newbury and received over 400 acres at Brookfield, but probably never came to occupy them. He was a soldier in “Father Ralle’s War” in 1725, and was assigned for a short time with a detachment at Brookfield.

10) Edward, the youngest, was baptized at Rowley on January 14, 1693-4, and received large grants of land at Brookfield beginning in 1713. He came to occupy his land and married Jemimah Davis at Brookfield on October 19, 1718. They had eight children, all born at Brookfield.