Little Marshy Meadow Brick Fundraiser!

Brick fundraiser in support of West Brookfield’s new Pocket Park

We are delighted to announce that the East Quabbin Land Trust has successfully negotiated the purchase of approximately one acre of land at 5 Foster Hill Road in West Brookfield. We envision creating a “pocket park” dedicated to the inhabitants of this area from the Native Americans to early settlers to those in the time of the Revolutionary War. Coy’s brook was once referred to as Massequokummis by the Nipmucs, which means “little marshy meadow”.

Together, we formed a ‘Friends’ group to help raise awareness and generate support for the pocket park project which will include interpretive trails, open spaces, and native species plantings that encourage exploration, appreciation, and reflection of this unique space. 

The parcel sits adjacent to Foster Hill, one of the most significant historical locations in our region.

  • It was from this hill that Native Americans looked west to the plains, now the Town Common, and south to the Quaboag River and its’ meadows as they traveled on the Old Bay Path.
  • It was on this hill that the “Planters” from Ipswich settled in 1660 and drove their cattle by to the Common pasture.
  • And it was on this hill that Jedadiah Foster drafted the state constitution in his law office when this road was part of the Military Highway.
  • View the full PowerPoint presentation here

To purchase a brick and support this wonderful new park visit East Quabbin Land Trust page here.