Whitefield Rock

whitefield rockOn the sixteenth of October in the year 1740 the touring evangelist preacher Reverend George Whitefield gave one of his rousing sermons from a large rock upon Foster Hill to at least four to five hundred people. Considering that this pasture was located in the heart of a still thinly settled region, this eighteenth century gathering must indeed have been a notable event.

Whitefield, whom along with the Wesley brothers, founded Methodism in England in 1738. He also espoused the Calvinist doctrine of predestination which was to eventually alienate him from the Wesleyan Methodists. Whitefield was popular in western Massachusetts during the 1740′s as was the “Great Awakening” a Calvinist revival promoted in part by the sermons of the noted Northampton Evangelist Jonathan Edwards.

George Whitefield Plaque