Where They Went

After the Siege

The former inhabitants of Brookfield scattered to many parts of the Colony – some returning to their previous places of residence, while other sought refuge with relations in other towns.

Widow Suzannah Ayres, with her large family, returned to Ipswich.

Thomas Wilson returned to Ipswich. He probably went to live with his son Shoreborn who still lived in Ipswich.

Priscilla Hovey, widow of James, with her children Priscilla and James. also returned to Ipswich.

Her other son, Daniel Hovey was taken into the family of Deacon Daniel Hovey at Hadley, where he was raised and educated.

John Warner, the elder, took his family to Hadley where his sons John and Thomas were already in residence.

Widow Martha Coy and family, including Richard, Jr., took up residence in Boston.

Thomas Kent returned to Gloucester, where he spent the remainder of his days.

James Travis attempted a new settlement at Sherborn, but was to return the next year (1676) to Brookfield as part of the garrison. It is said that he was captured by the Indians, but after a year of captivity, was able to escape to return to his family then living near present Barre, MA.

The Prichards, Judah Trumble and Samuel Kent purchased property in the relatively new town of Suffield.

Thomas Parsons removed to Windsor, Conn. where he died in 1680.

And The Rev. John Younglove left in 1673 to take up a parish in Suffield.

Thomas Millet came in 1674. Removed from Brookfield before Aug of 1675 and was not present at the siege. He probably returned to Gloucester where he still owned property. He died before September 26, 1675, when his will was presented for probate.

Source: Quaboag Plantation Alias Brookefeild, by Dr. Louis B. Roy