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From the Burial Ground in West Brookfield, Mass. – Worcester Society of Antiquity Copied by T. S. Knowlton, Esq., for the Worcester Society of Antiquity.

“In the South corner of this burial-ground are six graves without a monument, where tradition says were buried Ebenezer Haywood, John White, Stephen Jennings, Benjamin Jennings, John Grosvenor, and Joseph Kellogg, who were killed by the Indians July 20th, 1710. It is believed they were the first buried in this ground. T. S. Knowlton, Esq., October. 11, 1877”

The Old Burial Ground is now known as The Old Indian Cemetery and in the Southwest corner there is a monument honoring the six haymakers who lost their lives while cutting hay in a field near the Quaboag River. WBHC



In memory of Capt. Jacob Abbott who died of the Stone (without Issue) April 22d 1771 AEatis 77.

From torturing pains & anxious Cares he rests where Jesus lay. Go live to God and wait to see the Resurrection day.


In Memory of Mr. Ephriam Adams who died Jan. 3rd 1822 Aged 71 Years.

Stoop down my thoughts that use to rise Converse awhile with death, Think how a gasping mortal lies And pants away his breath.

In memory of Mrs. Eunice Adams wife of Mr. Ebenezer Adams, who died March 2d 1784 AEt 32.

My time is spent, my days are past Eternity must count the rest My glass is out my race is run, The holy will of God be done.

In Memory of Miss Eunice daughter of Mr. Ephriam & Mrs. Sibbil Adams, who died Dec 16, 1804 in her 17th Year.

Life is uncertain, death is sure Sin was the wound but Christ the cure.

In memory of Reuben son of Mr. Ephriam & Mrs. Sibbil Adams he died March 19th 1790 in his 3d Year.

Farewell sweet babe.

Sybbilah wife of Ephr’m Adams died Jan 14 1849 AEt 91.


In memory of Mr. Thomas Banister who departed this life August 11th 1791 in the the 76th year of his age.


In memory of Francis, Son of Mr. Frederick Barnes & Mrs. Mary his wife : who died Oct 2d 1803 aged 4 Years & 6 Months.

Life is uncertain Death most sure Sin was the wound but Christ the cure.

In Memory of George Barnes Son of Mr. Frederick Barnes & Mrs. Mary his wife : who died Sept 24th 1803 AEt 10.

What shall we say when death is sent, God takes away but what he lent; George he must die, God gave the call In early life by death must fall; The blooming rose which buds so fair, From parents gone and is no more.

In memory of Lieut. John Barnes who died May 18th 1789 in his 78th Year.

My flesh shall slumber in the ground, Till the last trumpets joyful sound; Then shall awake in sweet surprise And in my faviours image rise.

In memory of Mrs. Mary Barnes wife of Lieut. John Barnes who died June 7th 1799 in her 86th Year.

Ceace my friends, ceace to mourn Press forward to the prize, Soon our saviour will return, and call you to the skies.


Mrs. Basheba wife of Elijah Bartlett died Aug 4, 1807 in her 78 year.

In Memory of Mr. Elijah Bartlett who died Octr 29th 1788 in the 64th year of his age.


In memory of Mr. John Batcheler who died Oct 31, 1795 In his 42nd Year.

Farewell my spouse and children dear Ive left this world of pain My virtue be your practice here Till we do meet again.


In memory of Mr. Joseph Blair died Sept 27th 1702 AEt. 61

Behold and see as you pass by, As you are now so once was I; As I am now so you must be, Prepare for death & follow me.


In memory of Mehetabel Bowen wife of Mr. Silas Bowen who died Jany 22 1793 In her 64th year.

In memory of Mr. Silas Bowen who died Febry 19th 1790 In his 68th year.


In memory of Mr. Thomas Cowen who departed this Life Febry ye 9th AD 1771 in Ye 31 ft year of his Age.


David Crowell died Dec. 13. 1852; AE 72.

In memory of Mr. Joshua Crowell of Brookfield He died Suddenly of the Bilious Colic Sept 21st 1793 In his 45th Year.

So sleep the Saints, and cease to groan, When sin and death have done their worst, Christ hath a glory like his own, Which waits to clothe their waking dust.

Widow Mary Crowell Died July 28, 1847 Aged 94 years.

Memento Mori In memory of Mr. Nath’l Crowell who died May 3 1812 Aged 24 Years.

To youth I call both one & all, My silent voice to hear; Prepare for you must shortly too, Before your Judge appear.


In memory of Lieut. Abijah Cutler who died Novr 6th 1795 in his 66th year.

But man weak man is born to die Made up of guilt and vanity, The dreadful sentence Lord was just, Return ye sinners to your dust.

In memory of Mrs. Elisabeth Cutler Wife of Mr. Abijah Cutler who departed this life April 12th 1773 in the 43d year of her age.

death is a debt to nature due which I have paid & so must you.

Dea. Joseph Cutler died August 20, 1825 AE 86.

In Gods own arms he left the breath Which Gods own Spirit gave. His was the noblest road to death, And his the Sweetest grave.

Mrs. Judith 2d wife of Dea. Joseph Cutler died Nov.27, 1809 in the 64 year of her age.

Earthly scenes afford no rest, God alone can make me blest, By Christs grace I venture thro Scenes of death & judgment too.

In memory of Mrs. Martha Cutler wife of Deacn Joseph Cutler of Brookfield who departed this life Novr 20th 1800 In the 39th Year of her age

She was a person of undissemled piety. Blessed are the dead who die in the LORD.


Erected In memory of Miss Catherine Dorr daughter of Hon. Joseph Dorr Esqr Who died 6 Aug. 1806 Aet 35.In faith she died in dust she lies But faith foresees that dust shall rise While Jesus calls while hope assumes And her joy among the tombs Erected in memory of Hon Joseph Dorr * * * died * * * * * 1808 * * * * * 78 (Note – This monument is broken and the above is all that is legible. -T. S. K.)

DWIGHT The Hon. Elijah Dwight Esq of Great Barrington an honest man. A respected Citizen an exemplary Christian died at Brookfield June 12th 1794 AEtat 54.Death is the crown of Life Were death denied poor man would live in vain. Death wounds to cure, We fall to rise again.

EDDY Mr. John Eddy died June 2, 1819 AE 78. Also his wife Mrs. Elizabeth Eddy died April 25 1824 AE 77. Mr. Seth Eddy died Nov. 13 1823 AE 58

ELLIS In memory of Asa Ellis Son of Mr Nathn B. Ellis & Mrs. Thankful his wife who died Sept 1st 1796 AE 2 Years & 5 Months.

FAULKNER In memory of Mrs Elizabeth Faulkner, Relict of William E. Faulkner Esq. She Died April 7, 1808 aged 33.Yes thine is a better world. W. E. F. Esq. In memory of William Emerson Faulkner Esq. Attorney at Law; an honest Man, an amiable Companion eminent for his many virtues, beloved and esteemed by all who knew him. He departed this Life Oct 1, 1804 AE 28.Remembrance sorrowing loves to tread, In holy pensive gloom. The awful Mansions of the dead, And weep ore virtues Tomb, Call back to Life the slumbering Clay, Their forms with pleasing grief survey, Or if Religion lifts the veil, We view their spirits where no Cares nor woes assail, Why then unhumbly wish him here? Alas tis Nature that prompts the Tear, Memry still hovers ore his grave As evening Sunbeams love to linger on the wave.

FOSTER The amiable Miss Abigail Foster; Daughter of the Honble Jedediah Foster Esq. Died July 25th A. D. 1779 AEtat 25.Virtue alone asures the peace Which Age nor Death can eer destroy Affords the Mind a lasting ease And feeds us with immortal joy. In Memory of Mrs. Dorothy Foster, Widow of Hon Jedediah Foster She was born in Brookfield Nov. 13, 1729 O. S. and died Jan 12, 1818 Aged 88 y. 1 m. 19 d. The Honble Jedediah Foster Esq. One of the Judges of the Supr Court of Massachusetts died Oct 17th 1779 AEtat 53.The Boaft of Heraldry, the Pomp of Power And all that Wisdom, all that Wealth can give Await alike the inevitable hour The Paths of Glory lead but to the Grave.


In memory of Mr. Aaron Gilbert who died April 18th 1808 Aged 58 years In memory of Mrs. Mary Gilbert wife of Aaron Gilbert who died Feby 25th 1816. Aged 69 Years.

In memory of Alden Gilbert son of Jonas Gilbert & Mrs. Violaty his wife who died July 8th 1796 AE 5 Years. In memory of Charles Gilbert A. B. who died March 12th 1805 AEt 27 Years N. B. He had a Collegiate Edu- cation & completed his theological studies & commenced as a preacher of the Gospel with pleasing prospects of usefulness, but they were soon blasted by death.Farewell, a long farewell to all below My God & Saviour call & I must go. In Memory of Mr. John Gilbert of Brookfield who died Jany 13th 1806 in his 83rd Year.The memory of the Just * * * * * (Note – One word missing – T. S. K.) In memory of Mr. Nathaniel Gilbert who died April 11th 1796 AEt 48 Years. In memory of Mrs. Sarah Gilbert of Brookfield, wife of Mr. John Gilbert who died Feby 19th 1793 In her 69th Year. In memory of Theodore Gilbert Son of Mr. David Gilbert & Mrs Anna his wife : who died Sept 5th 1806 AEt 9 monthsThe stem was touchd the bloom was on, He died, he witherd Oh! how soon. Also Augustus son of the above Said parents died March 17th 1808 AEt 9 months. GOSS

In Memory of Captain Philip Goss who died Sept ye 13th 1747 in ye 70th year of his age. In Memory of Mrs Judith Goss wife of Capt Philip Goss who died April 18, 1748 in ye 74th Year of her age.As you are now so once were we As we are now so you must be.


In Memory of Mrs Anna Hitchcock wife of Caleb Hitchcock who died Sept 28th 1779 AEt 39.A consort kind and good, a parent dear To all obliging and to all sincere True to her God, the orphans friend and guide She lived beloved and lamented died. Here lies interred the body of Mr. David Hitchcock Jun. Son of Capt David and Mrs. Martha Hitchcock who died Dec. 27, 1796 aged 25 years. (Note – so defaced that the epitaph is illegible – T. S. K.) In Memory of Eliza Augusta Hitchcock Daur of Mr. Peletiah & Mrs. Hannah Hitchcock who died Sept 4th 1796 Aged 19 Months. In memory of Mrs Hannah Hitchcock wife of Mr Moses Hitchcock deceased, who died at New Braintree May 19th 1824 Aged 77 Years. Here lies interred the remains of Mr. Moses Hitchcock aged 56 who departed this life Janry 4th 1799.Beneath this Stone Deaths prisoner lies, The Stone shall move the prisoner rise, When Jesus with Almighty word, Calls his dead Saints to meet their Lord. In Memory of Mr Pelatiah Hitchcock Who departed this live March 31st A. D. 1776 In the 78th Year of his Age.The memory of the just is Blessed. Polly Daughter of Capt. David & Mrs. Martha Hitchcock died Sept 28th 1777 aged 18 Months & 14 days.Sleep on my babe and take your rest God called you home he saw it best. In Memory of Sarah the wife of Pelatiah Hitchcock who departed this life July 30th A. D. 1778 in the 76th Year of her age.A law Eternal Doth decree That all thins born Shall mortal be. HOWARD

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